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Assembly Technologies for Hybrid structurEs of Natural fiber compositeS

ATHENS is an integrated collaboration between the different regions of Flanders, Wallonia and France, researching different joining techniques of biodegradable thermoplastic composites and drawing up a demonstration model to transfer this information to industry.

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The project

The use of fiber-reinforced plastics enables manufacturers in the transport sector and automotive to build light, yet very stiff and strong (sandwich) structures. This is in line with the evolution towards minimizing vehicle weight and maximizing payload, for both freight and passenger transport. This is clearly part of an overarching effort to reduce the ecological footprint of transport.

Not only the optimal technical performance of lightweight structures contributes to their ecological sustainability, but also the basic materials used and the production processes used. In this respect, natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic structures offer a solution that is both technologically (performance) and ecologically attractive.

Ousa chea g KUC4 T Mh Oi Y unsplash

Project news

IMT Lille Douai presentation at EUROMAT 2021 conference


An oral presentation abstract by IMT Lille Douai has been approved for participation at EUROMAT 2021 (

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Participation of IMT Lille Douai at “First European Summer school on Bio-Based Composites” (ESBBC)


An abstract by IMT Lille Douai has been selected for a flash presentation at the European Summer School on Bio-based Composites (ESBBC).

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New teammates


New researchers were recruited from various project partners on 01.10.2019. At the KU Leuven project leader, the research team is supplemented by a new doctoral student ...

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