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IMT Lille Douai presentation at EUROMAT 2021 conference


An oral presentation abstract by IMT Lille Douai has been approved for participation at EUROMAT 2021 (

EUROMAT 2021 is a European congress and exhibition on advanced materials and processes. This international conference will be conducted virtually from September 12-16, 2021. The title of the presentation is “Effect of fibre orientation on light scattering during laser transmission welding”. This work concerns the development of numerical structures of the natural fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites at a microscale and the modelling of the behaviour of laser rays when they pass through this structure. The orientation of the short natural fibres is the main topic. Currently, the diffusion of laser rays due to the presence of short fibres in their different orientations is being studied at IMT Lille Douai, and the results of which will be presented at the conference.

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Participation of IMT Lille Douai at “First European Summer school on Bio-Based Composites” (ESBBC)


An abstract by IMT Lille Douai has been selected for a flash presentation at the European Summer School on Bio-based Composites (ESBBC).

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New teammates


New researchers were recruited from various project partners on 01.10.2019. At the KU Leuven project leader, the research team is supplemented by a new doctoral student ...

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Start-up of the ATHENS project


The ATHENS project started on 01.04.2019.

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